The Foster Buddy program is perfect for those volunteers eager to work with the dogs, but cannot foster due to housing restrictions, one-dog households, or a variety of other reasons that fostering isn't an option.

As a foster buddy, we match you up with a foster home closest to where you live.  This lets you get to know the foster and foster dog.  Your activities as a foster buddy can be as simple as bringing the foster dog to events or vet appointments when the foster can't make it or as active as taking the foster dog for walks a few times a week. 

Foster homes have full time jobs, other dogs, and often children, and as much as we try, foster dogs can always use more interaction, socialization, and training.  A 20-minute trip to the park can do wonders to socialize the dog, give the foster home a break, AND tire the dog out, and a tired dog is a GOOD dog!  Every chance the foster dog has to become more socialized and better trained helps the dog take one more step towards becoming a highly adoptable dog and perfect family member. 

Our foster homes our invaluable, and as a foster buddy you can be an integral part of helping each foster dog that comes through that home be the best dog he/she can be!

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